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THwo You get What you wantAre you a trainer, education instructor, human resource manager or a coach? You've read the book and want to market this know-how in training courses or seminars? Or maybe you feel it is your calling to use the acquired knowledge to kick-off your career as a self-employed communication trainer or coach? Then you can now acquire a training license package for "How you get, what you want".

A unique seminar concept

"Communication is one of the strongest weapons." According to the author, Luigi Carlo De Micco. But the term "weapon" also implies the fact that one must be able to master it. And this is what is taught in the seminar. Participants learn how communication works, understand the tricks and secrets of communication and learn how forms of communication and the thereby associated rules can help them to achieve their personal goals.

The one-day seminar " How you get, what you want " is in the meantime now offered by hundreds of professional trainers worldwide. Companies also acquire the license to train their employees and executives. The reference list speaks for itself.

Extract from the contents

Communications Test (I) for all participants at the start of the seminar "Am I sexy?"

The seminar package

The seminar license is simply billed per seminar participant, so that you minimize your risk. The seminar is designed for approximately 10-50 participants. The minimum order quantity as such amounts to 10 licenses.

Each seminar license includes the following products

The Trainer Package:

  • 1 fully documented Power Point presentation of the seminar as a training template, approx. 50 illustrated slides. You merely add your company logo or your name as a lecturer to it.
  • Slide notes (statements, explanations for the education instructors with the educational objectives of each individual film, and examples for the seminar)
  • 1 set of current ad templates
  • 1 brochure "How you get, ..." as printing template for your invitations or mailings
  • 1 mailing template as a Word File for mailing invitations to your customers in the form of letters or emails
  • 1 poster "How you get, what you want"

 (The ad templates can download here in advance free of charge).

The seminar participant’s package includes

  • 1 seminar –participant booklet "How you get, what you want"
  • 1 incentive notepad "How you get, ..."
  • 1 incentive ball pen "How you get, ..."
  • 1 poster "How you get, ..."
  • 1 book soft cover as a gift at the end of the seminar
  • 1 mouse pad
  • 1 seminar workbook


Price and Delivery

The seminar license packs will be shipped via parcel post. All digital products can immediately be downloaded and used after the conclusion of the order. The price per seminar license (per participant) is 250, - €. Each license is a unique individual bound license and can therefore only be used by a particular teacher. Volume discounts for larger quantities are available on demand.

The "How you get, what you want" - day seminars are currently listed at 1.200, - € per person subject to the lecturer and framework conditions. The seminar price is in each case subject to your own discretion


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Alternative: The presentation license

If you merely wish to deliver an original presentation (Power-Point presentation) or hold a special lecture at an event, then use the presentation license . Your presentation "How you get, what you want" will be the highlight of any event.

* © "How you get what you want"is a protected, registered trademark.

Seminar package for trainers

The seminar package for trainers "How you get, what you want" is currently available in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Romanian, French, Italian and Russian. Further languages are in preparation.

Your advantages as a "What you get, … -Trainer"

1. An approved seminar with guaranteed success. You get the best, proven and most original seminar concept on "interpersonal communication and success" as if it were "out-of-the-box. In as far as you have read the book, the time needed for preparation is minimal for an experienced lecturer.

2. No risk. You do not commit yourself to anything! Other then the individual license fees for the seminar participants, there will be no further license fees or any other forms of additional costs charged. You simply apply for your "How you get, what you want" seminar and as soon as enough participants have registered, it is then that you order the seminar licenses for the registered participants.

3. Support for your marketing. You will already be supported by the acquisition of your seminar participants. You will get free advertising templates here, such as mailings, advertising templates and brochures.

4. Professional Seminar Package. Included in the scope of the delivery is a professionally designed seminar packet for each participant of your event. All participants will receive diverse Intensive Products to take home. The seminar is not just a training event, it is an experience for all participants.

5. FREE Trainer registration. You will already be registered as a licensee after your first event as a "How you get, …" trainer, and your future events will be published in the training calendar on and on other websites. In addition, we publish your seminar dates also free of charge in the “How you get, …”  newsletter that is in the meantime shipped to more than 200,000 subscribers for the newsletter world wide. The number of subscribers is increasing every day with every new reader.

6. The How You Get- Trainer- community. As a registered How You Get trainer, you can publish your trainer profile for free on There is a social network available for trainers in the member’s area in which you can exchange experience or resources, as well as establish cooperation partnerships with other trainers. All services are completely free and without obligation.


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NOW NEW: "How you get ..."- PowerPoint presentation license - for your next memorable presentation


* © "How you get what you want"is a protected, registered trademark.