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THwo You get What you wantShould you on any given occasion, want to hold lectures on the topics of communications, advertising, marketing, success, or interpersonal relationships, you can now purchase a license for the "How you get, what you want"- PowerPoint- presentation package for an impressive presentation or also for training purposes. Luigi Carlo De Micco offers as one of the first authors, his know-how as a "Presentation License". The author uses this presentation himself for impressive, very humorous and engaging presentations on all possible occasions.

Hold a speech or presentation that will continue to be talked about long after you held it

You have been asked to hold an impressive lecture on an interesting topic or you have to open an event with a theme that is of interest to all, then please use the opportunity to explain your listeners "How you get, what you want" in a moving way. The issue of interpersonal communication if of interest to all and suits almost every occasion. Your speech will make unforgettable as a presenter.

With the unique " How you get, what you want " – presentation, you will stun your audience and you will with certainty be ranked among the top speakers at each event.

The presentation license

With the acquisition of the presentation license you only agree not to change or delete the source citations entailed in the presentation and handouts. You can otherwise notwithstanding the aforementioned provision adjust the presentation to suit your theme and use it arbitrary often. Your lecture based on this presentation will be the highlight of any event.

The presentation package includes the following products:

  • 1 fully documented Power Point presentation, approx. 50 illustrated slides, slide notes (statements, explanations for the lecturers with the educational objectives of each individual slide, and examples for the lecture)

    1 eBook "How You Get What You Want" as PDF-file and as Bookreader EPUB- file

    1 eBook "The Presentation", all facts of the book in short form as PDF-file

Delivery is possible on CD by parcel post or as immediately download. Please let us knwo your prefered delivery methode when you order!

All digital products can immediately be downloaded and used after the conclusion of the order.

The ideal presentation for many occasions

  • Opening or closing address to any event
  • Incentive- events
  • Staff meetings
  • Management Executive-meetings
  • Inaugurations, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays
  • Product presentations
  • Fairs, congresses, seminars ... ..

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* © "How you get what you want"is a protected, registered trademark.


The presentation " How you get, what you want " is currently available in the following languages: German, English, Spanish, Romanian, French, Italian and Russian. Further languages are in preparation.

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* © "How you get what you want"is a protected, registered trademark.