Forget psychology for a moment

he title of the book already outlines pretty much what you expected. The topic is communication, which is always influenced by the systems in which people move as well as their communicative rules. Luigi Carlo De Micco argues that a person is not solely the product of his own individual psyche, but crucial to his behavior is also the interdependent relationship with his communicative environment. Methods are to this end presented, which leads to changes in the opinions, views, and even behavior of the respective counterpart in the communicative process for one’s own benefit.

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How you win over people for your own goals

Now you get, what you want" is about the powerful tools of communication and their mechanisms and laws. And of course, the amazing results that can be achieved if one understands and masters the tools of communication. The author with much humor practically takes you ever deeper into the world of communication and shows you how you can use it to get, what you want. Whether it involves communicating with friends or family members, business partners, customers or politicians, even with gangsters, such as racketeers - who ever masters the keys of communication, will always be able to convince his or her counterpart easier and more effectively.

What you gain as a reader

The book will show you how to use communications strategically, tactically and specifically to achieve your personal, professional, political or business objectives faster and more efficient.

Personal, Private situations

  • How you can understand your partner better
  • Why you are not understood
  • How you deal with jealousy
  • How you avoid conflicts and manage existing ones in a better way
  • How men and women function communicatively
  • Why men and women are differ - and in some cases to extreme extents
  • Why psychology destroys partnerships
  • ...


Career, Business, Leadership, Politics

  • How you avoid or solve conflicts
  • That our world is comprised of systems that protect themselves
  • How you penetrate into systems in order to win them over
  • How to beat scrupulous criminals with their own weapons
  • Why politicians are often ignorant
  • How psychological advertising counts us as stupid
  • How dictatorships uphold themselves and why democracy does not work
  • Why wars can not avoided
  • How you master critical situations
  • How to develop strategies and use them and why the right "tactic" is much more important
  • The tricks and dreams, Christopher Columbus used to change the world
  • How to protect yourself against manipulation attempts and how to manipulate
  • Why President Barack Obama had to win the election
  • How to give your personality an expression
  • How you find new ways to alter your own situation
  • How to sell your ideas better
  • How you win trust by not asking for it
  • How to convince successfully
  • How to change people and their behavior, without thereby attacking them
  • How to cope better with personal attacks by third parties and even use this to your own advantage
  • How you can see through liars and phonies faster
  • How you gain by avoiding criticism to people
  • How you can change your life by understanding communication
  • ...


Communication Sciences

  • The human communications system from an entirely new perspective
  • The foundations of human communication, its rules, problems and laws
  • What can truth hold - realities construct themselves
  • How human behavior systems function and how to use them to your advantage
  • The paradoxes, pitfalls and traps of bad communication
  • Axioms of communication


… such that you get, what you want

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The Bestseller among the books on communication

Means of communication – or expressed in a better way, really deep and understood communication – you will realize your plans far more quickly and effectively. "The biggest hurdle that arises in any strategy and stand in the way of any plan are always the people you need to achieve your goals. And it’s their communication behavior that has to be influenced."

De Micco impressively shows in his book, how communication functions and provides you with the necessary instruments. Numerous examples from various fields such as politics, economics, history or the personal sphere, interpersonal relationships illustrate his methods. Virtually no area of human communication is omitted here.

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A book with proofs

The author describes, for example, based on a real abduction story, how he successfully used a plan, strategy and special tactics to free himself from the hands of the kidnappers, while at the same time being able to considerably reduce the sum of ransom. The author uses this tragic story to exemplify some of the mechanisms of communication - both on initial failed as well as in the long run successful attempt.

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A book that sets right in the middle of life

"How do get, what you want" is a practical book. The author with a good dose of humour, poignant and very dynamically introduces to you the fascinating topic of interpersonal communication in more detail, without the accompanying sensation of a teachers or demagogic. Many examples drawn from the moving and committed life of the author as an entrepreneur, consultant and international diplomat, make the book a compelling and exciting reading that will not only remain in your memory, but also one that you will continue to turn back to.

Opinion of the readers

"The best thing I've ever read about communication!" (Peter Tess, London)

"An exciting book with so many logical examples drawn from real life. I see some things really in a kind of different light after the reading." (Adrian Stamm, Frankfurt)

"The author has an incredible observation with respect to human behavior and reactions. I have been able to gain so much from this book for my job as a personnel manager." (John Mayer, New York)

"It's incredible how many chances we miss every day to carry out our objectives. This reading, I wish I had already read this book read 20 years earlier." (Babette Javreux, Paris)

"The author writes," dreams can change the world. "Truly one of the most beautiful, moving and motivating sentences I've ever heard." (Sonja Merkel, Basel)

"He's really right, one simply has to blend away everything one has heard for years about psychology. And create a whole new perspective on things ..." Yasmin Rubens, London.

"I tried it right away in my own relationship. It works! Everything is easier and more natural. Conflicts can in fact be avoided,..." John Stevens, New York

"Daring theses, but in fact completely understandable. By far the best book I have read on this subject." Tobias Merkel, Cologne

"A real success, I have seldom enjoyed reading a book on such a complex topic with so much fun. The man has a really observant and dazzling humour." Tatiana Stoll, Hamburg

"Finally someone, who has put an end to the psychologist-nonsense, but I can only warn against passing this book as a present to one’s own wife. She could use it against you ..." Christian Schütz, Koblenz

"As a husband, father and businessman, I can only say congratulations and thanks to the author: and I can confirm that dreams can indeed change the world." Charles G. Mendel, Washington

"This book should be declared required reading for politicians and executives. I have given it as a present to my boss ..." Michael Cheng, Singapore

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What is new in the book?

In contrast to the insofar widespread psychological manipulation attempts, which deal more with the intra-psychic situation of the individuals, this book has a quite different approach. It is rather the mechanisms and laws that affect communication between the partners that are considered and analyzed. This thus leads to a completely different, new method of influencing human behavior. On the basis of many examples drawn from daily life, relationships, politics, history and economy, the author proves that his knowledge and methods actually work and function logically. An increasing number of communication and motivation trainers are using the book as a basis for their seminars and lectures.

What experience has been acquired?

Already thousands of readers were impressed by the opportunities the book has provided them with respect to their daily dealings with people, customers, employees, or their own life partners and children. Old, very frozen conflicts in relationships could suddenly be resolved, business relationships that had been deemed dead could be successfully resuscitated and business entrepreneurs have found new approaches for their strategies, especially and particularly in times of crisis.

For whom is this book interesting?

The book is not only interesting for entrepreneurs, managers, politicians and advertising strategists, but rather for anyone who wants to change something in his life personally or professionally and to this end has to convince someone else; the book will turn out to be a great enrichment. For many readers of this book, it was actually the key to the implementation of ideas hedged for a long while. The findings and presented methods for influencing human behavior are in this form unique.

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How do I get the book?

"How you get, what you want" can be ordered as an e-Book, hardcover book, or also as a bundle. Many readers have purchased the e-Book version for immediate reading and then later the hardcover version for personal use or also as gifts for friends. For this reason, bundles are now offered in some languages. You get the e-Book as a download for immediately reading and at the same time the book version as postal shipping.

In which languages is the book available?

The bestseller has been translated into numerous languages. Simply select the desired language when ordering. Given the global demand many other languages are in progress. Should your desired language not be offered yet, please register yourself on the news-mailing list. You will be informed about new language availability immediately after publication. If desired, the book can also be shipped with a personal signature of the author for a small fee.

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